Two tips for parents with children who are struggling with a specific subject in school

17 June 2019
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If your child is consistently receiving poor grades in a particular subject at school and you are concerned about how this might affect their educational progress, here is some advice that you might find helpful.

Enlist the help of a professional tutor who specialises in the subject your child is struggling with.

If your child isn't doing well in a subject, then it is safe to assume that the teaching methods their teacher is employing and the level of one-on-one support they are receiving is not sufficient. This does not mean that the teacher is bad at their job, but rather than your child probably a learning style which is not fully compatible with that particular professional's teaching methods.

In this situation, it is a good idea to seek out the help of a professional tutor who specialises in the subject that your child is having difficulty with. For example, if they are doing poorly in their English classes, then you should find an English tutor.

Having one-on-one tutoring sessions with this educational professional a few times per week could make a huge difference to your child's ability to cope with their English assignments and tests.

The reasons for this are as follows; if, for example, your child has trouble grasping grammar rules and as a result of this, tends to not only perform badly in English grammar tests but also in English essay assignments, then a tutor could pinpoint the exact issue they are experiencing (for instance, they might be struggling to understand which prepositions to use for certain types of sentences) and have them do grammar exercises that will enable them to overcome that particular issue. This should then improve their performance in both grammar tests and any written assignments they are set by their English teacher.

Additionally, their tutor can adapt their teaching approach to suit your child's unique learning style. For example, if your child tends to understand things better when they are presented to them visually, the tutor can use graphs, flow charts and other visual forms of educational exercises that will enable them to easily comprehend the information that they are being taught.

Find fun ways to help them to better understand the subject.

Generally speaking, when a child isn't doing well in a particular subject, they will often experience a decline in their motivation to study it, simply because it makes them feel like a failure. As such, even if your child knows that they need to devote more time to this subject outside of school hours, they might find the prospect of sitting down at a desk and doing even more challenging homework very unappealing.

One way to overcome this problem is to provide them with some fun alternative ways to learn. For example, if they're falling behind in history, you could take them for a trip to an interactive history museum, as your child may find the way in which the educational materials are presented in this setting far more interesting than if they were reading the same information from a book.

Similarly, if they're struggling with their times-tables, you might want to look online for educational songs or games that will provide them with a fun way in which to memorise these multiplication tables.