Artistic Skills Your Child Can Learn in Preschool

22 October 2017
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Taking your child to preschool is one of the most important phases in their lives since it is their first step to independence. The main skills that children learn in preschool are social skills. By interacting with other kids, they learn to be orderly and follow orders. Your child also gets introduced to the concepts of education such as numbers and the alphabet. However, preschool also builds creativity and artistic skills among them. It is the foundation that they have at this stage that determines their level of success in these respective fields. Some of the artistic skills that your child can learn in preschool include:


Your child will be taught different shapes and figures in preschool. This is usually done in a fun and interactive way which includes songs that they have to recite regularly. There are also models of the different shapes within the preschool which makes it easier for your child to identify them. Preschool teachers also encourage kids to draw anything they like, and they get rewarded for their effort. This motivates them and influences some of them to pursue a career in the same field. Drawing also makes it easier for your child to know different objects in their environment. An example is when a child draws a cup. It is easier for them to remember unlike when they are only shown an image of a cup.


Painting is often a messy affair. When you come home and find your child painting on the walls, your first reaction might be to take scold your child. However, preschool provides an ideal environment for children to paint whatever they want without fear of reprisal. While most of what they paint might not make any sense, it helps them to know the difference in designs. They are also taught to identify different colours, and this is an important aspect for all artists.

Musical Composition

Most preschools also have music lessons for the children. During these sessions, they will sing and play around with musical instruments. Leading musicians in the world such as Ed Sheeran gained an interest in music at an early age. This shows that from such humble beginnings, many artists have managed to build successful careers. You can go an extra step and buy different instruments for your child to play with when they are at home. Two decades from now your child might just be the biggest pop star in Australia.